Required Financial Documents

Prior to filing, the Niebuhr Law Firm must receive the following documents:
  • Two months of most recent paystubs. If you are unemployed this is not required.
  • Proof of social security payment amount. (If you do not receive social security or social security disability this is not required. A letter from the government or a bank account statement showing the deposit will meet this requirement.)
  • A copy of the last tax return you filed. (If you have not filed a tax return in the last 5 years this is not required.)
  • A copy of your state identification card or driver’s license.
  • A copy of your social security card.
  • A copy of your real estate tax bill with the fair market value of your home. (If you do not own real estate this is not required.)
  • A copy of your last mortgage statement. (If you are not purchasing real estate this is not required.)
  • Certificate of completion of credit counseling.
  • Signed bankruptcy paperwork.
  • Three months of bank statements.