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Bankruptcy Attorney Springfield, ILAt Niebuhr Law Firm, we believe in standing by our clients through thick and thin. With this goal in mind, we offer the high-quality legal advice and services that our customers need. You can count on our expertise. When it comes to finding the right bankruptcy attorney in Springfield, IL, you certainly have choices. Niebuhr Law Firm can truly make a difference when fighting your case or representing you in a court of law.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Most individuals with bankruptcy cases choose to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Once you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Springfield, IL, you will begin paying fixed monthly payments. Over time, these will help to significantly lower your debt. The monthly amount is calculated based on your projected disposable income – in other words, your take-home pay minus your monthly living expenses, such as food and rent.

In some cases, an experienced attorney can help you achieve a lower monthly payment that still effectively reduces your debt. The process does take time, and can certainly be a hassle without proper representation. That’s where Niebuhr Law Firm steps in.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also incredibly common. It is often referred to as “Liquidation Bankruptcy,” and involves the sale of your assets. Those who file Chapter 7 may keep their exempt personal property, including household furniture and appliances. We’ll help our clients receive the best deal during their bankruptcy process, ensuring that they don’t lose everything while paying down their debts.

As the premier bankruptcy attorney in Springfield, IL, Niebuhr Law Firm offers free consultations. We will gladly sit down with you and discuss your bankruptcy plan.

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