Bankruptcy Attorney in Moline, IL

Bankruptcy Attorney Moline, ILIf you’re considering hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Moline, IL be sure to consider Niebuhr Law Firm. We have a history of acquiring favorable results for each and every one of our clients. Many of those clients initially see bankruptcy as a desperate last resort.  However, bankruptcy does not have to be an ending. In fact, most of our clients eventually consider their bankruptcy to be a fresh start towards financial freedom – the key to a life away from pre-existing debt. To find payment plans that will work for you, get in touch with the professional attorneys at Niebuhr Law Firm.

Attorney Fees

When hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Moline, IL, most clients think, first and foremost, of attorney fees. We completely understand this outlook. That’s why we provide our comprehensive legal services and advice at a competitive, affordable rate.

We charge just $700.00 to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; this is a combination of attorney and filing fees. For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the filing fee is $310.00. There are no attorney fees for Chapter 13, which makes it favorable to anyone seeking a good deal on legal services.

Our Experience

We established our professional law firm in 1994. Since then, Niebuhr Law Firm has been the go-to place for those seeking bankruptcy filings and legal advice. With two full-time attorneys and an experienced staff, we’re prepared to handle your case to the best of our abilities. We know you deserve the utmost attention and care, and that is what we deliver.

With our years of experience, we ensure that your case will conclude without a single problem. A less experienced attorney may be cheaper, but they’re often overcome by complicated issues and filing errors. When you’re dealing with bankruptcy, you cannot take chances.

Contact Us

To schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney by Moline, IL, contact Niebuhr Law Firm by calling 309-689-0116. We would be happy to work on your bankruptcy case promptly!